2016 Summer Raffle News:
We wish to thank everyone that purchased and sold tickets for our summer raffle. With your help you have made our raffle a great success! The winners are listed below:

Raffle Winners:
$3,000 Prize—Robin Myre
$1,000 Prize—Karl & Cathy Zimmermann 
$500 Prize—Laurinda Easterlund
$100 Prize—Catherine Reich
$100 Prize—June Borchardt
$100 Prize—Jackie Leggett
$100 Prize—Lou Ann Tadych
$100 Prize—Bill Cook
$100 Prize—Alice Gray
$100 Prize—Judy Nelson
$100 Prize—Jane Lamer
$100 Prize—Robert Zipp
$100 Prize—Julie Bach
$500 Prize—Pamela Zipp
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