Welcome to St. Mary's Catholic Church
of Tomahawk, WI

St. Mary's is committed to being an extension of the universal Catholic Church by daily living of the teaching of Jesus Christ for the spiritual growth of all in our parish and community.

We warmly welcome all visitors and new parishioners to our Parish family.  We are glad you can worship with us.  If we can help in any way, let us know by contacting our staff.

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St. Mary's Weekend Mass Schedule
Saturday at 6:00PM
Sunday at 8:00AM and 11:00AM

St. Mary's Weekday Mass Schedule
Wednesday at 8:45AM
Friday at 8:45AM

Saturday at 9:00AM or by appointment

Wednesday at 8:15AM
Friday at 8:15AM
Saturday at 5:25PM

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Following 8:45AM Mass on the First Friday
of the Month

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Mary
First Saturday of the Month at 9:00AM

St. Augustine's Mass Schedule
Tuesday @ 8:30AM
Sunday at 9:30AM

Sunday at 9:00AM
Tuesday at 8:00AM
Friday at 8:00AM (May-Sept)

St. Francis-Pier Willow Mass Schedule
Saturday at 4:00PM


Real Freedom
Freedom is not what you want to do, but what you should do for your own highest welfare. One must remember that he must pay for what he has done – no one else. Every wrong action goes against one’s own well-being. It fails to give peace and happiness as expected. Sometimes it seems difficult to be good, while it is easy to be bad; and that to give up the bad things is to miss something. You will not miss anything, but sorrow. Evil is made poisoned sweet to delude us. We need to make the difference between the sweet and poisoned sweet. Avoid anything that might give you temporary happiness and ultimate ruin of your life. Choose those things which may be difficult temporarily, but ultimately gives permanent happiness and peace.

Choose the life that will get you to your goal, and exercise your freedom by your willpower. Strengthen your willpower by the habit of self-examination of watching and analyzing your thoughts and behavior. When you find any sign of bad habits, that is the time to discriminate and resist with willpower, that is the real freedom. Freeing our self from the bondage of bad habits and choosing to do what is good to reach the goal, is the real freedom. 

Fr. Louis Reddy Maram Reddy