Welcome to St. Mary's Catholic Church
of Tomahawk, WI

St. Mary's is committed to being an extension of the universal Catholic Church by daily living of the teaching of Jesus Christ for the spiritual growth of all in our parish and community.

We warmly welcome all visitors and new parishioners to our Parish family.  We are glad you can worship with us.  If we can help in any way, let us know by contacting our staff.

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St. Mary's Weekend Mass Schedule
Saturday at 6:00PM
Sunday at 8:00AM and 11:00AM

St. Mary's Weekday Mass Schedule
Wednesday at 8:45AM
Friday at 8:45AM

Saturday at 9:00AM or by appointment

Wednesday at 8:15AM
Friday at 8:15AM
Saturday at 5:25PM

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Following 8:45AM Mass on the First Friday
of the Month

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Mary
First Saturday of the Month at 9:00AM

St. Augustine's Mass Schedule
Tuesday @ 8:30AM
Sunday at 9:30AM

Sunday at 9:00AM
Tuesday at 8:00AM
Friday at 8:00AM (May-Sept)

St. Francis-Pier Willow Mass Schedule
Saturday at 4:00PM


Desire for God Satisfies all Desires 
God is great. Every heart should pray for God’s presence because only God is the goal that satisfies the heart; for in God lies the answer to every desire of the heart. When you find God, all other desires vanish. Until man finds God, he will continue to long for whatever else he believes will make him happy. But to him who has God, instant fulfillment of all desires comes automatically.

There are two kinds of desires: 1) those desires that help us to find God, and 2) those desires that obstruct us to find God. All desires must be satisfied in a divine way. When we try to satisfy our desires in a worldly way, our difficulties would multiply. Always seek guidance of God and your conscience within you in trying to fulfill your desires.

Every day sit quietly for a while and analyze yourself and get rid of all the desires that obstruct you to find God. Be more detached and you will conquer your unwanted desires. Our first desire should be: “Set your heart first on the Kingdom and justice of God and all these things will also be given to you”. Mt. 6/33
                                         Fr. Louis Reddy Maram Reddy

Please Note: I will be away from October 20 - November 4. Fr. James Hoffman will be here to fill in for me while I am gone. If you have any questions or concerns during this time, please contact the parish office.